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PET Oil free Compressor SZW Series 6-12.5m3/min


Data range:40bar

Europe design and technology,Adopt three column,three stage double acting oil free compress(ISO8573-1Standard)
24hours non-stop
less energy cost,less noise and vibration
Long life wearing parts
Mainly used in PET blow molding,petroleum,leak detection,precision machinery,electronic and Aerospace.

Characteristics of SZW:

  • W type, three column, three stage compression, higher efficiency, less piston force, less floor space.
  • The three stages are double acting cylinders.Each stage is equipped with at least 2 sets of intake and exhaust valves to avoid downtime due to a single valve failure.Less mechanical loss and less pressure difference.Gas leakage is smaller during compression operation.The operation temperature of all levels is lowered, energy consumption is saved, and the service life of wearing parts is increased.
  • The tapered end of the forged steel crankshaft processed by various processes makes the installation and removal of the pulley simpler.
  • Stainless steel body and valve cover, not easy to rust, easy to assemble and disassemble. Imported PEEK valve, less noise, better sealing.
  • The more reasonable design of water chamber makes the service temperature of air valve, piston and stuffing box lower, and greatly improves the service life of wearing parts.
  • Imported materials piston ring and packing, accompanied by excellent design and processing, so that smaller friction, leakage less.
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel piston, with special design and precise machining, longer service life.
  • It adopts automatic aligning roller bearing without any adjustment and has longer service life.
  • Special oil scraping ring and excellent design of oil scraper, so that oil scraping effect is better, longer service life.
  • American Standard belt wheel, imported Optibelt belt, higher efficiency, longer service life.
  • A forced oil pump mounted on the crankshaft can adjust the supply pressure and configure the filter and relief valve.
  • Precision machining of connecting rod, with special imported materials of the Bush, without clearance adjustment, the friction coefficient is lower.

SZW Technical parameter:

Model FADm3/min Pressure MPa Speed r.p.m Size L×W×H mm  Power KW Weight KG Notes
SZW-6/40 6.0 3.0-4.0 500 3100X1750×2150 75 3400  
SZW-8/40 8.0 645 90 3500  
SZW-10/40 10.0 590 110 3600  
SZW-12/40 12.5 720 132 3800  
SZW-6/40-B 6.0 500 4000X1750×2600 75 4200 All in one  
SZW-8/40-B 8.0 645 90 4400
SZW-10/40-B 10.0 590 4500X1750×2550 110 4500
SZW-12/40-B 12.5 720 4600X1750×2550 132 4800
SZVW-8/40 3.2-8.0 645   3100X1850×2150 90 3700 VSD
SZVW-10/40 4.0-10.0 590 110 3800
SZVW-12/40 5.0-12.5 720 132 4000


1、Performance parameters measured according to ISO2017,reference conditions:inlet temperature 20℃,inlet pressure 1barA

2、Special models could be customized.